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My Two Sense on Miley

Its taken me a little while to recover from the performance of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. I was pondering what I was feeling and what I wanted to write about my reaction. I’ve seen a lot of the post-performance shock and ridicule from the news and individuals -and rightfully so. My first reaction was shock then it quickly turned to anger. I was really, really upset by what I saw on my TV screen That wasn’t dancing, it wasn’t even singing in my opinion. It was a vulgar scene of a young women who looked as though she was mad at the world and was out to prove that she wasn’t “good” anymore – she had crossed over to the bad side, the dark side. She didn’t slowly creep down there, she jumped off the high dive and landed into that pool of bad head first during that performance.

Being a proponent of modesty and speaking with girls about their self image I guess I took this display of vulgarity very personally. This is what I (we) are fighting against! How can we expect the girls of this generation to think about themselves with respect and honor when their “role models” are continually objectifying themselves and sexualizing everything that they do and say? It is so frustrating and seems like a losing battle…but I have faith that there is a contingency of strong, young women out there who are fighting this tsunami wave of sexualization that is pervading this country. I hope and pray that they see past the glitter and apparent glamour that these stars seemingly live with and dig a little deeper. Have these young starlets traded in their pride, their honor for money and temporary fame? As much as some of these ladies ( I use that term very loosely) get on their soapboxes and say that they’re not role models they need to return to reality and realize that…hello??? Yes they are! Whether they want to label themselves as one or not! Somewhere right now there are some little girls wearing Hannah Montana nightgowns singing their hearts out into a karaoke machine. Why? Because they want to be Miley Cyrus. Wake up, Miley…and while your at it wake up some of your buddies.

Ok so after my anger rant was complete my feelings then changed again – now I feel pity. I pity Miley because I think she really does know right from wrong but the lure and pressure of the media and the Hollywood lifestyle is just too strong of an influence. I really hope that this is not the end to her story. I hope that the night at the VMAs is not what she will forever be known for…I hope she turns it around, wakes up and realizes what’s at stake. Unfortunately, at present time she has been sucked into the media’s web, buckled to the draw of money and fame and in return she has lost her dignity and self-respect. Was it really worth it?

Only Miley can answer that.

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