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New Nail Hues 4 Fall

New hues 4 ur nails this fall, which is ur fave? Its a toss up 4 me, @chanel coco blue @deborahlippman stormy weather

What Message Are You Sending?

Did you know that your clothes send messages? You do not need to speak, you do not need to utter one word – your clothes can do all the talking for you;  good or bad! Think about it – how do you feel when you walk out of your house wearing that great tailored blazer, a sharp,...
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Eye-Shadow Panicker

I am THE WORST at applying eye shadow, check out this video if you need a helpful play-by-play! @real_simple:

Re-inventing the Oldies

Loving these creative ways to reinvent your old clothes from @real_simple

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Emmy’s

Here’s a quick rundown of our fav’s at the Emmy’s – along with those we wouldn’t have chose and the one that we downright loathe. Let’s get some bad choices out-of-the-way first. Katie Holmes. Oh Katie, you are so pretty, so sophisticated. Why oh why would your stylist choose this Calvin Klein number for you? In...
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Pack It Up

I recently returned from a family vacation that was truly restful and relaxing. I really enjoy traveling – I mean, who doesn’t, right? But I mean, I really enjoy the whole process. I love the planning, scoping out the great deals, finding the restaurants and above all – I LOVE packing for the upcoming experience....
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The Morning Rush

Ok, let’s talk morning. Ugh, morning. I am NOT a morning person. Total night owl – which can lead to utterly horrid mornings. Well, at least they used to be horrid. I started incorporating a couple of practices into my life that really have helped me get out the door on time without looking like...
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