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My Advice: avoid looking like a hot mess

“Are you feeling okay?” My coworker uttered the four dreaded words. These four seemingly innocent words serve as a reminder of why it’s never acceptable to roll out of bed and head out the door. I chuckled and replied that I felt fine, but made a mental note to put a bit more effort into...
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The Ugly Cry, my body, and making it all work

The dressing room had bad lighting and cramped quarters, further illuminating my perceived flaws and making all my insecurities seem larger than life. It was there, in that that room amidst piles of dresses and shapewear that I broke down. The full-on, no-holding-back, UGLY CRY happened because I couldn’t seem to find a dress that...
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Go Vintage

During some recent travel I was reminded of a fashion faux pas that I (unfortunately) see time and time again. Ever been on a vacation that you simply just did want to forget? Traveled to a far away place that seemed like heaven and you did want to leave? Instead of selling all your possessions...
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Christmas in September

If you’re like me, your closet isn’t exactly big enough to hold all of your summer and winter clothes. So every April and every September we go through the tedious task of switching over our seasonal wardrobes.  (Unless you have the privilege of living in San Diego where it’s 75 degrees year-round! Yes, we hate you all and are insanely jealous of...
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I was reminded today that yes, in the world of fashion and retail, timing is so important. I never (ok, rarely) go shopping unless I know that a particular store is having a savings event. I make an effort to sign up for email alerts from my favorite clothing stores so that I know exactly...
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ok, hello everyone…well, I’m new at this “blog thing” so here goes. So its my vision for this blog site to be an area where we can come together and discuss the latest fashion, where to get it for less and what trends work for different body types. Sometimes its hard for us (and I mean...
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