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What People Are Saying

“It’s not just about fashion. Faith is skilled at merging your inner attitudes and your outer appearance in a way that reflects your most authentic self. She understands that embracing who you truly are internally and externally is a strong self-esteem boost and destiny builder.” – Elizabeth N.

“I put your blog as a favorite and now find myself checking to see if you’ve written a new, enlightening & entertaining piece…today’s features are great!” – Alisa M.

“Faith’s strength comes from in the fact that she, herself, truly believes in the message that she shares. She tells women that they need to highlight their amazing and unique qualities instead of hiding behind their insecurities. And while for some motivators this is simply rhetoric, Faith instills a genuine confidence in women because her passion for her message is interwoven into all that she does.” – Stephanie S.

“Your turnaround time always amazes me. Thank you for all the options and the personal touch you always add.” – Sherri D.

“Excellent choices, things I would never pick on my own but are absolutely worth considering. You always keep my preferences in mind but I love that you put a few pieces out there that are different. Exactly what I hope for with this process! Someone to guide me to flattering options but keeping me on my toes too! Can’t wait to recommend you to friends! Thanks!” – Jennifer S.

“Hi Faith, Thanks to your help I’ll have a confident and professional look for my interview!” – Rosemary B.

“As a regular contributor on NBC News, communicating my talking points clearly, effectively, and as I intend are just as important as the content that I provide. During playback of some news segments, I noticed a few areas that needed to be addressed. Since these are live segments without a script, it is near impossible to practice for these interviews. I needed a coach to help me work through these problems areas. That’s why I sought the advice of Faith Rim.
Faith helped me refine my ability to quickly, but clearly, deliver a talking point – something that can be challenging during live interviews limited by a three minute time cap. With the tips Faith has equipped me with, I’m more aware of my actions and delivery during news segments. Not only did I notice an immediate improvement, but I am constantly improving with each segment.
If you are public figure/speaker in any capacity, working with Faith Rim should be top consideration. Calibrating even the smallest aspect of yourself can help you achieve your goals as a professional.” – James M.