Skincare 101 How To Know Your Skin Type

If your skin is dry it is important to avoid over washing it. Dont continue with your skincare routine just yet.

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If it feels tight and is flaky or scaly you likely have dry skin.

Skincare 101 how to know your skin type. If you have a combination of the two well you have combination skin. The key to determining if your face wash is right for you is to examine how your skin feels after the ritual. For sensitive skin.

Skincare should be an essential component of your beauty routine. Before applying any toner moisturizer serum or spot treatment take a good look at your skin. Theyre good moisturizers and they usually dont break anyone out Dr.

Look for products containing aloe vera oatmeal and shea butter. If your skin feels squeaky clean tight oily slick andor any combination of the lot it might be time for a facial cleanser overhaul. If your skin tends to get patchy you probably have dry skin.

The face moisturizer that you choose often depends on your skin type concerns and personal preference. If the shine is only in your T-Zone you probably have combination skin. Opt for a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher and apply it daily even when its cloudy always as the final step in your skin-care routine.

Figuring out your skin type can be challenging for a few reasons. Being aware of your skintype will help you to tailor the right products to your skin and avoid making any rookie errors. You may not have a type but your skin sure does and figuring out your skintype is one of the first things you should do before building a skincare routine.

If youre shiny all over youre most likely an oily type. In order to help determine what your skin needs to look its best you first need to know its type. Today I share my top tips to care for sensitive oily dry and combination skin.

The first is that there are quite a few different skin types oily dry sensitive combination the second is that your skin can fall into two different categories and finally there are outside factors that can affect your complexion such as the weather pollution and more. And if your skin feels hydrated and comfortable but not. Of course there are variations of these types but this is a great place to start when looking for the right products.

If your skin shows no signs of flaking or oiliness and is smooth to the touch youve been blessed with normal skin and dont have any particular requirements that limit your beauty choices. If youre not sure what your skin type is let us help. Firstly break-up with any drying ingredients lurking in your products and swap artificial colours and perfumes for kind alternatives like Geranium Oil Glycerin Shea Butter Allantoin and Vitamin E which can help to gently moisturise and nourish skin.

For most patients Campbell recommends one with SPF 30. The most important step in caring for your skin comes in understanding your specific skin type and how it adapts to certain circumstances or seasons. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group explains Basic skin types to consider when evaluating your skin are.

How to manage dry skin. There are four main skin types. The simplest way to determine which skin type your skin falls under is by removing any makeup thats sitting on top of your skin washing your face thoroughly and dry it using a soft towel.

Normal dry oily and combination. If after 30 minutes your skin appears shiny throughout you likely have oily skin. Like dressing for your body shape you should be curating your beauty routine to your skin type.

Dry sensitive and acne prone. Taking care of your skin can be a daunting task if you dont know your skin type or the products that work best with it. Keep reading to discover how your face should feel after cleansingplus tips on how to pick the right.

While you cant call time on your dry skin for good you can help to keep it hydrated and improve its appearance. But if your skin usually has an oily T-Zone and is normal or dry everywhere else you likely have combination skin. If youre not 100 percent sure what skin type you have its worth a trip to the dermatologist to confirm.

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